WolfPack Au is run by Marketing Coordinator and Photographer Shelbi Eastwood along side her 7 year old German Shepherd Cinder and Swiss Shepherd puppy Rook. 

We strive to produce durable and luxurious items for your fur friends. All our items are tested by our team for comfort and design before hitting the store.


We love nothing more than seeing our Accessories on your pets and are forever grateful for the continued support. 

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Cinder is a Plush Coat, 7 year old German Shepherd. The inspiration for Wolfpack came about when I started creating Bandannas and Bows for Cinder to wear on her Instagram account. We would purchase a few from local pet supply stores but they never catered for the bright colours and  feminine styles I wanted for my beautiful girl. Having been taught to sew from a young age, I broke out our old sewing machine and started creating. Several months later WolfPack AU was born.

In 2020 we welcomed our (Big) little boy Rook, to the family. Rook was born in February 2020 and from the moment of coming home has been a playful, loving and mischievous member of our pack.